Connections 2 pcs. Thread diameter 1 inch. Filter connections are needed to connect your own filtration.

Beverage shelf

Water thermometer – floating on the surface of the water

External Oven door with glass;
In addition, we consider purchasing an external oven door with the glass;
Excellent views of how to burn solid fuel.

Air massaging system
Compressed air pump blows the air out into the bathing net through built-in splashes. For the compressed air pump we mount a decorative box.
Technical information:

Protection degree IPx5
Motor Power, W: 700W (230-240V / 50Hz)
Working capacity: 1200 l / min
Maximum working temperature: 5oС
Pneumatic diverter
Maximum recommended continuous operating time: 30 min
Splash number 12 pcs.
Manufacturer – Netherlands

Tub bottom insulation
This double plastic bottoms which include Polystyrene foam.
Insulation using polystyrene (10cm).
It’s a great protection from the cold ground.
The water remains suitable for use in temperature much longer.

Tilt the cover will produce according to the selected dimensions of the tub.

Stainless steel lid for internal heater

The lid is necessary in order to prevent evaporation of hot water and miscellaneous trash from the yard or leaves from the trees from falling into the tub.

Stainless steel chimney protection.

LED light that shines into the water, changing colors, 5 colors. LED has a vacuum controller through which the light is turned on / off or changed color.