Connections 2 pcs. Thread diameter 1 inch. Filter connections are needed to connect your own filtration.

Beverage shelf

Water thermometer – floating on the surface of the water

External Oven door with glass;
In addition, we consider purchasing an external oven door with the glass;
Excellent views of how to burn solid fuel.

Air massaging system
Compressed air pump blows the air out into the bathing net through built-in splashes. For the compressed air pump we mount a decorative box.
Technical information:

Protection degree IPx5
Motor Power, W: 700W (230-240V / 50Hz)
Working capacity: 1200 l / min
Maximum working temperature: 5oС
Pneumatic diverter
Maximum recommended continuous operating time: 30 min
Splash number 12 pcs.
Manufacturer – Netherlands